With 100000tons production capacity of drinks,Kangzhiwei


With 100,000 tons production capacity of drinks,Kangzhiwei Group maintains advanced facilities,supply chain management effective production plan,strict production specifications and standard warehouse management to satisfy our global clients'needs.

Production equipment and capacity

We have a PET bottling line for carbonated beverage which can produce 400 bottles per minute, a PET aseptic filling line which can produce 400 bottles per minute, a can filling line (500ml/310ml) which can produce 600 cans per minute, two filling lines for 965ml juice and compound protein beverage each can produce 140 cans per minute and a filling line for 240ml juice and compound protein beverage which can produce 200 cans per minute.

Quality & Safety

“Quality and Safety”is the permanent belief for kangzhiwei,a professional team.Advanced analytical instruments,manufacturing equipments,quality control system and informationized management platform is our guarantee for raw materials and final products. The company maintains ISO9001,ISO22000,ISO14001, OHSAS18001certification and BRC Global Standard Food Safety,Issue 6..

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